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From Telecom to Technology

Everyone knows how great the nineties were. They provided us with ironic flannel, Saved By The Bell, the glory of slap bracelets and A&A Telecom Group.

The company was brought to life in order to make business phone systems simple and productive.  We proved successful at providing Central Texas businesses with and maintaining top of the line analogue and digital phone systems. However, as communication technology made massive leaps and the Internet took hold, we found that our customers had a pronounced need for more mobility, access to applications, more avenues for instant communication and on-demand voice, data and video sharing.

We worked hard to fill that need and began offering on-premise and hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services that were faster, cheaper and had more features to streamline productivity than legacy PBX systems. Video also became a major player in business communications and we felt uniquely equipped with experience and engineering genius to offer our customers hosted and on-premise HD Video conferencing solutions. The explosion of IP phones meant that in order to fully capture our customer’s potential,  we needed to round out the Unified Communications circle with voice/data management and infrastructure to drip every ounce of efficiency out of the systems and technology we provided.


The evolution of technology has allowed us to provide a broader arsenal of business communication products and solutions to our customers. Because of this broadening effect, we felt that the name A & A Telecom no longer encompassed the scope of products, solutions, and services we offer our clients.


Queue the creation of the A&A Technology Group brand, we have a new look and more of a social media presence but our focus has never deviated from providing fully integrated office communication systems and solutions to our current and future clients. A&A Technology Group is the new iteration of the same core values, expert team members, world class support and dedication to excellence.


Expect to see a long continuation of technology information, branding, social interactive opportunities and more that will be available to all of our clients.


We invite you to experience our social media presence, follow us on Linkedin and Twitter for industry news, tips and company updates. 

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